Furniture Trends for 2016

8th April 2016

Nikoo Furniture

When it comes to decking out your new home with furniture, there’s no right or wrong answer; it’s all down to personal taste. Bright or neutral colours, modern or vintage fixtures, natural or ultramodern fittings, style or substance? These are just some of the many questions that have kept the unsure decorator up at night for years- but not anymore. Here are some of the hottest furniture trends set to give you the inspiration you need to craft your dream home in 2016.

Metallic Leather

Did somebody say ‘too jazzy?’ I thought not. Glamorous and sleek, with a personality that packs a punch; metallic leather looks to be a hot trend for 2016. Although the finished product shares a resemblance to something from 2116, these futuristic furnishings are upholstered in the finest leather and are capable of lighting up a room. Metallic leather is sure to work with bright, contrasting colours and could easily work as the centrepiece of a room. After all, it is a bold statement. A touch of glitter here and there will bring the sparkle into your home.

Multifunctional Design

Here at Nikoo homes, we’re way ahead on this one. Multifunctional, space saving furniture looks to be the must-have for 2016 as it takes on the challenge of decluttering homes all over the world. Whether you opt for a bed that’s also a drawer or a table that retracts and extends, every time you interact with this kind of furniture, it’s another mini space-saving win for you. Not only does it give the illusion of more space in a room, it actually does save valuable space- why opt for anything else?

Let’s Get Funky

This year, blocks of solid colour are out and instead, elaborately styled, exotic designs splashed with more colours than the mind can comprehend are in. Some might say that designs like these teeter on the brink of ‘too busy’, but pair these with neutral colours and you’ve got yourself a contrast made in heaven.  These flamboyant designs do a fine job of bringing vibrancy to a room whilst celebrating the great outdoors in style.

Lightweight Furniture

Formed from recycled metals and plastics, this light as a feather furniture makes for an easy life. Blocks of plain colour create a minimalist look for the contemporary home of those who are more business than fashion. Those days spent lugging new furniture up the stairs on ‘moving in day’ will soon be forgotten. And if you ever feel like shifting the layout of the room around, you’ll have all the muscle you need to do it alone. Streamlined, space saving furniture is as beautiful as it is practical.

70s Style

Call it vintage, call it retro- whatever you call it, the 70s are back with vengeance. Well, for 2016 at least. Clean, minimalist glass fittings coupled with the chrome fixtures of the era that we once loved are back to recreate what was once upon a time considered a look of the future. It was during the 70s that plastic became the must-use material for furniture like chairs and tables and it’s just as popular today. Creams, oranges, yellows and greens are being generously handed back to 2016 from the 70s, ready for us to paint throughout the home.

Organic Design

These days, furniture isn’t just about the look, it’s about sustainability too. Designers the world over are always looking for new and innovative ways to make their creations as eco-friendly as possible and organic design does a fine job of paving the way. Through the use of pure, recycled woods, designers are able to create a look that is elegant and understated, bringing nature into the heart of the home. Greens and browns form an earthy look that is set to take 2016 by storm.