Ten Gadgets That Will Change Your Kitchen Forever

12th March 2016


There seems to be a never ending stream of kitchen gadgets being thrown in our faces that serve literally no purpose other than to be showy or flashy. Most of these flash-in-the-pan gadgets will end up in the home’s most neglected cupboard or draw after one use, never to be used again. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. We’ve hunted down ten of the niftiest gadgets on the market right now that we think would be useful, efficient, time-saving and a real asset to your ever so beautiful Italian kitchen. Here they are:

1. Instant Wine Chiller and Refresher

We’ve all had one of those days where we’ve come home from work wanting nothing more than a cold glass of wine, except, we forgot to chill it. As the bottle sits bubbling in the heat of the rack, rather than chilling in the cool of the fridge, we curse our own stupidity. Until now. This gadget has successfully read the minds of working people everywhere and responded in its own special way by saying “I’ve got your back”. An innovative gadget with the ability to produce chilled and ready to drink wine in seconds, without having to reach for the ice-bucket- could this be man’s new best friend?

Wine holders - Nikoo Kitchens

2. Herb Scissors

These beauties do the job, they do it well, and they do it quickly. Those minutes spent tearing, shredding, snapping and cutting all manner of herbs can be sliced into seconds. Of course you could use regular scissors, but that would take five times longer! Besides, once the produce in the community herb gardens springs to life, you’ll be thankful of these.

3. Garlic Zoom Chopper

“Who wants to chop the garlic?” You know the drill. Everyone runs away at the mere prospect of touching this pungent bundle of flavour. Get yourself a zoom chopper and days spent with the stench of garlic lingering on your fingers will be a thing of the past. Just take the skin off and pop it into the chopper, give it a wheel around and voila! The kids will love this one.

4. Air Fryer

It’s time for the deep fat fryer to step aside, because the air fryer has arrived. Crispy french fries, freshly baked cake, fried chicken and poppadums have just become the healthiest meals in the world. Well, not quite, but they’re four things the air fryer does better than the deep fat fryer. The air fryer delivers exactly the same results as its predecessor, except it’s far healthier due to the fact that the air does the hard work rather than a scorching-hot pool of oil. Not only can it recreate deep frying, but it can bake too! It’s the multitasking kitchen tool you’ve always wanted.

5. Digital Volumetric Spoon Scale

This is one of the handiest gadgets to have to hand for the kitchen-gadget-savvy chef. Often you’ll find yourself measuring out small quantities of herbs and spices where a regular sized set of scales is just too much. This hand-held version will allow you to measure ingredients accurately and efficiently, and it lives in the draw with amongst rest of the cutlery. How handy.

6. Spill Stopper

We’re all guilty of having turned our back on the hob to witness something far more exciting, only to forget all about what’s been left vigorously bubbling away. This simple, yet effective kitchen gadget brings an end to the madness and the mess. It’s made out of heat-proof silicone and works in the same way as a saucepan lid, except it allows the steam to escape through teeny-tiny gaps. That’s right- there’ll be no more water boiling over onto your lovely new kitchen!

7. Sliding wine holder & draw

Your Nikoo Kitchen is as spacious as it is beautiful, but there’s no harm in making even more room. These sleek wine holders and drawers allow you to utilise all the unused space in your refrigerator, maximising your kitchen’s potential.

8. Barbotics Bartender

If you’ve ever wanted your own bar at home, or better yet a bartender in the kitchen as you cook, then this could be the answer. Load up this intelligent machine with all your favourite cocktail ingredients at the start of the evening, then simply hit a button for a night of zesty cocktails made just for you. Robots are the future, and although this gadget is a little on the pricey side it’s sure to be a hit amongst family and friends.

9. CinniBird

It’s fair to say that most people admire the way an authentic, fresh Italian coffee looks to the eye. The pretty pictures, the froth, the charm of it all. Well, this gadget brings half the solution. The CinniBird allows you to draw on the top of your coffee with ground spices, meaning it could look just like the real thing! Your friends will never know the difference.

10. The iKettle

Imagine waking up to the question, “can I put the kettle on”, every day. Say hello to the iKettle. Everybody loves a good cup of tea in the morning, and the iKettle can be controlled from anywhere in the home, allowing you to boil the kettle from the warmth of your bed. With a ‘welcome home’ mode and a ‘keep warm’ feature available, this kettle is set to revolutionise the way we make our morning cups of tea! A smart kettle, for an intelligent kitchen, the iKettle is available in a number chic colours to match your style.