The Five Pillars of Nikoo Homes

14th January 2016


Nikoo Homes was conceived around what we believe to be the five elements needed for happy living; community, culture, family, learning and wellness. So when Nikoo Homes was built, our team of architects, planners and designers made sure that these five principles were the inspiration behind every lick of paint and every blade of grass. But what do Nikoo residents really expect from these five elements? Here’s what they mean to some.


“Family is about having the space to enjoy a meal together, to talk about our days and to spend quality time with each other.”

We’ve got this covered. All our homes enjoy an expansive open plan kitchen, living and dining room area, which means that each and every home has a multifunctional family space. The intricate design allows mum to be in the kitchen whilst the kids are sprawled out on the sofa, but they can still talk, interact and feel a part of one another’s lives. As part of the Nikoo Furniture Collection, we have extendable dining room tables, perfect for a family meal. And with just a short morning commute to the neighbourhood office, you can be sure to have that extra quality time with your family.

“We need an extra room for my family to stay in when they visit”

Our 1-3 bedroom homes all come with the option of a study. This study space can act as an extra bedroom, so when your relatives come to stay, they’ll have the privacy they need. You’ll have all the breathing space you need too, as all of our homes are generous in size. But if your relatives prefer the luxury of a hotel bed, then the Leela Hotel is just moments away.


“Having a world-class school within walking distance of our home”

Done. Bhartiya’s international school boasts the best resources and the finest educators. It’s located just east of Nikoo Homes II, so it’s in walking distance for everyone. We’re confident that the next generation of leaders will be born out of Bhartiya City.

“I want to be able to continue learning, no matter how old I am”

As we get older, it’s important that we continue to exercise our body- and that goes for the brain too. At Nikoo Homes you’ll find a learning centre that’s open to all ages. After all, why should kids have all the fun? Painting, yoga, piano, you name it, you can do it at Nikoo.


“The doctor should know my name”

We’re big on community, and part of that is being familiar with the people around you. Bhartiya’s founder, Snehdeep Aggarwal, remembers a time when every neighbourhood had a doctor. He waved to you if you passed on the streets, because he knew your name. Now he’s back, and he’s in your Family Doctor Clinic- it’s in walking distance from your home.

“I want to live a healthy lifestyle”

Every Saturday, India’s freshest produce arrives on the streets of Bhartiya as part of your local Farmers’ Market. There’s no need to make grand plans to get there- it’s the 15th floor of your Nikoo Home. You have the ingredients you need to live healthily. Couple this with the city’s gyms, pools, tennis courts, parks, jogging tracks and hiking parks, and you have the entire recipe.


“I’d love a place where I can see the latest arts”

Bhartiya’s Centre for Performing Arts is just five a minute walk from your Nikoo Home. It hosts the latest music, dance and theatre, all under one roof. The city also hosts weekend music festivals, bringing the latest acts from Bengaluru, India and the rest of the world to the streets of Bhartiya.

“I want to live in a place where people are accepting of other cultures and I can try new things”

Nikoo was built on the premise that one size never fits all, so as you can imagine, we have an amazing array of different individuals living at Nikoo Homes. We expect that the allure of our contemporary, smart homes, alongside the buzz of the city of joy will attract people from all corners of the globe. In Bhartiya’s shopping district you’ll find big name brands from all over the world, alongside cuisine from all your favourite countries. Our school is international. We encourage students to learn the value of exploring different cultures and how to interact with different people from a young age.


“Being able to walk the streets and feel totally safe. I want to know my neighbour”

Nikoo’s vertical villages were built for the very purpose of forming a community. Both the Community Herb Gardens and the Farmers’ Market epitomise this ethos and act as the spark needed to bring people together. And once a community comes together, they stick together. The streets of Bhartiya are as safe as can be, where lamp posts double up as CCTV and people cycle safely to work along dedicated paths throughout the city.

“Having somewhere I can make new friends”

Bhartiya City was designed to be enriched with wide-open, green spaces and social spaces that people want to be part of. There are plenty of ways to meet new people in and around your Nikoo neighbourhood. You’ll find a number of clubs at the Black Swan, ranging from singing to yoga. So whether you meet someone new at the tennis club, or you spark up conversation at the BBQ corner, there’s plenty of opportunities to expand your circle of friends.