What’s in Your Neighbourhood?

7th February 2016

Bhartiya City Skyline - Nikoo Homes

Welcome to the home of Nikoo Homes II. If you’ve already made the smart decision to put down your roots here, you might already know a little something about what this game-changing city has to offer. So if you’re thirsty for a little exploration, then keep reading, as we discover the charm of your new neighbourhood.

It’s important to know that your future home has the potential to be a home for life. We’re certain that your Nikoo home does- and that goes for Bhartiya too. Bhartiya is a unique place, and when the team behind the city sat down to put pen to paper, they knew that what they were creating was one of a kind. On paper, it’s a city, but if you take a look around, you won’t’ feel like you’re in one. The green, leafy appearance and the friendly disposition of the streets make this feel like a village- a village that lives alongside the convenience of a city. But, what makes this a city for life? Bhartiya caters for a variety of lifestyles, no matter your age or where you’re from. From the tennis courts to the learning centre for all ages, in Bhartiya you’re always able to live your lifestyle, just the way you like it. All eight Bhartiya districts have something unique to give, but let’s take a walk around your new neighbourhood.

East & West Towers

You don’t need to leave the Nikoo tower that you call home to enjoy the facilities on offer. Nikoo Homes was built on the notion that everything’s better connected, so your home has adjoining access to the city in the sky. Once you’re up high on the rooftops, you’ll find that your tower is connected to the neighbouring Nikoo tower and that tower is connected to the next- this is what Nikoo have dubbed as a ‘vertical village’. The idea that a village needed to be on the ground was one that perplexed the creators of this city, and in typical Bhartiya fashion, they came up with an innovative alternative. The principles behind it are hard to disagree with. Nikoo are trying to bring back the good old times, where neighbours aren’t strangers and community has meaning. As you step foot onto either the east or west vertical village, you’ll see just how they’ve put this idea into action. Community herb gardens are a fantastic way to encourage the different generations to come together, to talk, to share and to build community spirit. In addition to this, perched on the peripheral of each tower are designated sunrise and sunset points. These are a fantastic way to appreciate the city’s superb location, as you and your friends watch the sun rise and fall between the green of the trees on the bold horizon

East Towers

The herbs sway amid the light breeze that runs through the community gardens and they neighbour one of Nikoo’s highlights- the movie pods. If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have your own private cinema, then wonder no more. Grabbing your favourite movie, some snacks and your friends for an animated evening of laughter and relaxation will more than likely become your favourite pastime. It’s effortless to book with the Nikoo App. One of the biggest surprises on the eastern towers is the jogging track. Some people run to the sounds of their favourite song for a stroke of inspiration, but at Nikoo homes in thanisandra road, you’ll be inspired by the view. Don’t worry, it’s not so high that you’ll get altitude sickness, but high enough to allow for a stunning outlook onto the city below. There’s also a place for the young ones to burn those bags of energy, as next to the jogging track is a play area fit enough for the most adventurous of young souls. Perfectly positioned, you needn’t worry about what the kids might be up to as you embark on your morning jog, they’re safe and sound here, and they’re more than entertained.

If you make your way down to the 15th floor, you’ll find yourself on Cloud 9. Not the feeling- it’s a place, but there’s no doubt that this is where the name came from. This is the home of your local clubhouse- The Black Swan.  There’s so much jam packed into this space that you’ll need weeks to try and test it all. A gym, music studios, a library, a business centre, a spa, a health centre, a tennis court, an infinity pool, cafes, event areas and guest accommodation. The list goes on. The rooftop restaurant is the ideal spot to enjoy a drink with friends and to watch the sunset; it’s also the location of the weekly Farmers’ Market. Every Saturday, you’ll be able to snap up the freshest goodies that money can buy before you rustle up something special in the kitchen. The Black Swan Clubhouse is at the heart of Nikoo Homes II.

West Towers

If you head to the west, you’ll find an area that was designed for those who love the great outdoors. Tennis courts sit parallel to the Sensory Gardens, a serene, verdant area that gives you both time and space to think. The area really is so lush and awash with the colours of flowers that it’s hard to believe that you’re in a city, rather than in the depths of the forest. Cleverly positioned viewing decks are scattered throughout the western half of the neighbourhood, allowing you to take in the impressive views. If the privacy of the movie pods up above don’t appeal to you, then you can get the full theatre experience at the outdoor Theatre in the Woods. Watching the latest arts amongst the tranquillity of the woods is an innovative way to get your fix of culture alongside fellow members of your community. It’s an ambience reminiscent of the drive inn movies of America, with the charm of a traditional outdoor Shakespearean performance. For those of you who prefer to be active, you’ll find plenty of ways to keep fit throughout your neighbourhood, with an expansive hiking and jogging park on your doorstep, accessible 24/7. That’s not all though, as facing the Nikoo towers on the ground floor are two expansive pools- one for the kids and one for the adults, and if you head up to the heights of the 33rd floor you’ll again have access to a rooftop jogging track (that’s two in the your neighbourhood). Take the elevator back down to the 25th floor and you’ll find yourself in the Baby Cloud- another classic Nikoo events space for you to utilise. The western side has just as much to give as the east, and all of this is only a matter of minutes away from your city homes.

Life beyond your Neighbourhood

Your neighbourhood is just south of the peripheral ring road which boasts a diameter of 100 metres and provides residents with a streamlined route to and from the city. It sits directly between your neighbourhood and the Pencil Park, which is located in the IT District. If you’re lucky enough to live and work in the city, your commute is easily walkable, stress free, and with green spaces everywhere it’s sure to be enjoyable. Beyond your neighbourhood, lies the buzz of Bhartiya City centre in close proximity. The neighbourhood’s fantastic position is only enhanced by both the international school and the world class hospital, which can be found slightly east. Everything you could possibly ever need is within a 5 minute walk of your home, making your neighbourhood the ideal hub for your home.