The Art of Buying a Home

27th October 2016

Ever thought that the home you move to, more than just relocating your existing life can be the doorway to a completely new one? Frankly, how many of us think in such a way?

It’s time you take a moment and think what is it that you really want from your home? But before that, what is it that you need from life?

Health is fundamental to happiness. The best homes have a healthy lifestyle built into them. Take cycling for example. If you cycle more, your heart will be healthier, you will save time, and you will be driving less, burning less fuel without polluting the atmosphere. No wonder cycling is becoming more and more fundamental to what a good home comes along with. Does your home have a family doctor within close proximity? A healthier family is a happier family.

Let’s talk about mental health. Did you know that playing keeps depression at bay? Did you know that learning keeps you young? So, when you think that you need to play in an open space, you should be able to. When you think that you should learn say painting, baking or dancing, you should be able to. To make it happen, your home should provide you such opportunities and help you unleash your talents, no matter what your age.  It could be cliché to say that Health is Wealth, but there is no denying to it. Besides health, it is also no secret that people make people happy. Family, friends and neighbors are fundamental to happiness. Does your home bring your near ones together or keep you apart? The very fact that this needs to be demanded from your home might come as news to many. A home should be able to give you the privacy you need while still having your family and friends together. But for that you’ll need spaces built flexibly which you can mix and match according your individual and your family’s needs.

Let’s now talk about children. Will your children be happy in your new home? Will they have places to wander into without the constant need for mommy to be around? Will they learn from a text book or will their school be the whole universe around them? Will they grow up to be followers or will they be leaders? Yes, you home does play a vital role on how your child will grow up too, so pick carefully.

If you wonder what about amenities, we say that a lot of homes deliver amenities, no doubt. How thoughtfully have they been appointed? Are they features on a brochure, or do they invite you to participate and truly enrich your living? Human beings are motivated as much by rational thoughts as emotional states. Your homes need to be sensitive to both sides. A pool that doesn’t invite you to jump in and splash about is as good as a pool not being there at all.

Trust us, a home is more than a cluster of rooms. Yes, you will be spending your life’s earnings in getting yourself a home. But that’s not the only reason why you need to buy carefully. A home is a place where you and your loved ones will spend the better part of your life in. When you choose right, you will be ensuring a life cherished by all. No matter where they go, your children will always want to come back to it and reminisce over and over again. Now that’s a great home, isn’t it?