Cool Community Projects From Around the World

24th July 2016

From community kitchens to litter-picking projects, we’ve seen a whole range of amazing projects happening in different communities around the world.

Places where people can interact, share, discover and bond were at the top of our extensive checklist when building Nikoo Homes and we’re sure that these community spaces are at the core of a thriving, happy city. There’s unlimited potential for the creation of different groups and projects in your new neighbourhood (see our guide to creating a community group), but to get you started, here’s a collection of inspirational projects from around the world that we’re excited about.

Ping Pong Care Campaign

There is currently a major health & wellbeing campaign underway in the UK. The documentary ‘Ping Pong’, starring a group of eight active OAPs eager to compete in the Over 80s World Table Tennis Championship, now serves (pardon the pun) as the inspiration for a really fresh and engaging community project. The project looks to spread the message that active ageing should be encouraged, giving a healthier body, a happier mind and greater social interaction for the elderly. The campaign aims to show the film to as many as people as possible and looks to inspire them to play, no matter their age.


Beacon Food Forest

We’re all familiar with the concept of community gardens, where the all over the world unused public spaces are being transformed into flourishing sources of fresh produce, but this project takes it to the next level. A community in Seattle has come together to create a stunning self-sustaining forest, based on the natural Permaculture Guild approach. The approach focuses on the creation of multiple layers of vegetation that grow together in one diverse setting. The layers will continue to grow and the ecosystem will continue to strengthen itself, creating a thriving ecosystem and a completely sustainable source of food for all.


Tuneless Choir

Forget about the fact you weren’t gifted with harmony, grace or in-tune vocal chords, because time spent singing in the shower no longer needs to be the only time you feel comfortable singing like nobody’s listening. After being told at a young age that her singing could break glass and probably even the wake the dead, one woman from Nottingham took the criticisms on board as a challenge and in response set up a choir for fellow tone-deaf singers. Aptly named the ‘Tuneless Choir’, the group invites those who lack confidence, need practice, or just feel like they need to sing their lungs out to come and belt out a few tunes among like-minded people. Right now, just one choir exists but they look to take the concept worldwide.

Rosa’s Pizza- Pay it Forward

In Philadelphia, USA, one pizza shop has kick-started a scheme that provides people with the chance to give something back to society by ‘paying it forward’. In addition to their own meal, generous pizzeria-goers can pay just one dollar for a slice of hot and tasty pizza before leaving a post-it note on the wall with a message to the next homeless visitor who will then receive the slice. The shop’s walls are now completely plastered in colourful messages of inspiration and thanks. Buying food for people in need is an everyday occurrence, but this shop has created an innovative way of tackling the issues at hand in a very cool and fun way.