Get The Look: Nikoo Interiors

11th August 2016

As populations around the world have got bigger, the spaces around us have naturally shrunk. Days spent toe-treading and shoulder barging have become the way of life in cities, but not here.

Inside and out, Nikoo Homes are designed to maximise space wherever possible. Nikoo Interiors, by Studio Creo, are working in collaboration with six brands from Italy who are dedicated to the creation of space-saving furniture capable of fitting right in with the Indian way of living.

Let’s assume that some of you don’t know your shades of turquoise from your shamrock greens and your paintbrush from your roller, which begs the question- is interior design really that important and does it play a part in my home? Although you may not know it yet, the answer is probably yes. Interior design is more than just about the way something looks; it’s also about functionality. Whilst a five bed home with tall ceilings and an abundance of space can be left looking cramped with no thought paid towards design, a small one bed home can be made to feel like a generous two bed home with the right attention to detail.

As a society we care massively about the way things look and the way things feel, yet on the other hand, we are left with the issue of space in the home. It’s a fact; interior design is more important than ever. That said, there’s need to panic, splash the cash and hire yourself an emergency interior designer, as Nikoo Interiors have found new and innovate ways in which to solve these problems without being afraid to push the boundaries of design. Nikoo Interiors recognise that no two families are the same and that buying a new home 100% capable of meeting your individual tastes and lifestyle is unlikely to happen. From this philosophy, Nikoo Interiors was born, creating three collections of furniture to pair with different tastes, lifestyles and homeowners. The Creative Director of Studio Creo and Nikoo Interiors, Parushni Aggarwal notes that

“Each solution at Nikoo Homes has been designed keeping in mind the people who will living in the space.”

She continues

“We are introducing the concept of transforming furniture with Nikoo Homes where a desk in the study room becomes a bed at night, a dining table for 6 can be used for 8 or 10 people because it extends. It helps us to use different spaces, in different ways and by different people.  Transforming furniture is a very important concept and it’s very exciting.”

To make the selection process easier, homeowners can choose from either the “Pure, Evolution or Chic” collection. Each was expertly designed to create a sleek and coherent appearance throughout the home and to meet the lifestyle needs of the people who live there.

The Evolution furniture collection looks to stand the test of time, capturing the ‘current’ vibe effortlessly. It uses clean lines and on-trend colours, patterns and textures to remain modern without the use of bold colours. Next up is the ‘Pure’ collection which speaks to our younger homeowners who live a laid back, casual lifestyle. The collection itself is bold and simple, making the most of big colours for those who set trends, break boundaries and enjoy the niches in life. Finally, the ‘Chic’ collection will sing to those who enjoy the finer things in life, with an Indian price tag. Delivering elegance and sophistication throughout the home through the use of rich colours and intelligent design, this is an understated collection capable of bringing a touch of class to any room.

Alexander Bagnai, Owner of Tumidei Spa, is one of Nikoo Interiors’ Italian partners and believes they’ve solved the space problem not just for India, but for the entire world. He says,

“Families get bigger and spaces become reduced. Tumidei provides the solution. We are dedicated to a design solution of quality and innovation for Nikoo Homes customers.”

The Tumidei full-size bed has the capability to retreat into a desk, without ever needing to remove anything from it, creating more space for studying, reading, working and playing.

Ed Snaidero, President & Managing Director, Snaidero Cucine notes that

“Italy means quality of life in terms of food and the way of living. We want to try and bring this way of life around the world. We have looked at the Indian way of living, in particularly in the kitchen and we are trying to bring part of our way of living to the kitchen”.

The kitchens featured in Nikoo Homes feature all kinds of intelligent space-saving capabilities and are designed to make life more simple for you.

Nikoo Interiors and their partners are working hard to ensure that your Nikoo Home is just the way you like it. To shop the look or find out more, head over to and explore our three collections, or pick and choose from the extensive array of furniture to assemble your dream home.