What makes a good neighbour- Nikoo community

19th September 2016

As we know that Nikoo homes is very soon going to be home to the first 2400 families; we have already started to imagine about how life is going to be. We have always imagined to be able to create a community that is happy, progressive and passionate. We always believe that its easy to make pavements but difficult to create spaces where neighbours come together. Life is about integration and not isolation. People coming together, caring together is what makes a society stronger and healthier. In ancient times, there have been rituals in different parts of the world where thoughtful little gestures brought people together. Its the big little things that make the greatest of friends or foes.

We came across “Omotenashi” and thought of sharing with you.

Have you heard this word before? omotenashi defines Japanese hospitality but has a meaning way deeper than the way of providing hospitality. “Omotenashi” is a noun that means “to entertain guests wholeheartedly” and the verb for it is “motenasu”. One only needs to reside in Japan for a short time to realize just how much attention to detail is paid across many sectors of the service industry. In practice, it combines exquisite politeness with a desire to maintain harmony and avoid conflict. Omotenashi is a way of life in Japan. People with colds wear surgical masks to avoid infecting others.
One very sweet gesture is where neighbours deliver gift-wrapped boxes of washing powder before beginning building work – a gesture to help clean your clothes from the dust that will inevitably fly about. These little thoughtful rituals over a time create  culture where we care about each other.At Nikoo we hope to create a community where neighbours are compassionate and friendly.We wish to share this with you thinking we all will start thinking about the little things we can do create a family we wish to be a part of.
What would you do to begin a relationship with your new neighbour?