NikooLand Rides the Airwaves

7th November 2017

Deep inside, we want the world to be more like Bhartiya City. Imagine a world without traffic jams, a world with more trees, with sounds of children squealing with delight, a world with happier neighbours and a world which serves you up ice creams just because you happened to show up.

But then there came a day. It was 7th October. The sky was less blue, more grey, and tending towards deep grey in certain rumbling pockets. It was a day when people preferred to stay indoors and the fortunate many among them happened to tune to RED FM.

For RED FM, had shifted studio to Bhartiya City, and for a few fleeting hours, its usual mood was richly tinged by the many hues of Bhartiya City. Or NikooLand as many call it affectionately. RJ Disha and RJ Tuhin, showed up early evening, and the bug of NikooLand bit them very soon after.

Within minutes, listeners were all transported from the mundane-ness of an overcast Bengaluru to the pop-charts bursting decibel crashing numbers that with increasing radii began to capture the hearts of the people of Bengaluru. Requests started pouring in like the rains and for a few happy hours, all of Bengaluru was reveling in the richly textured mood of Bhartiya City.

The studio shifted back, but it would be safe to say the taste has stayed with the listeners, participants and the throng of customers who happened to be at Discovery Centre to witness the spectacle.

Thank you RED FM, RJ Disha and RJ Tushin from us and all the people of Bengaluru.