Nikoo: We’re Bringing Community Back

22nd March 2016

Nikoo Homes Press at Bhartiya City

Family, culture, learning, wellness and community; the five key elements for happy living at Nikoo Homes II. Whilst all are integral to the contentment of Bhartiya’s citizens, it’s community that really forms the foundations of this city. Bhartiya City was born out of the vision of Snehdeep Aggarwal, a man who growing up was part of a close-knit community. He remembers walking freely to his father’s office after school. They’d spend the evenings together, as he learnt to ride a bike amid the green of the park nearby. Every morning, his mother would make the short trip to the local market, and she’d return with the freshest produce that money could buy. Vibrant in colour, mouth-watering to taste- this was the life. His home was opposite a hospital with a school on the ground floor; his own two feet were the only form of transport that Snehdeep ever needed. Evenings were spent flying kites on the roof and sleeping beneath the stars. He didn’t live in a village, but in an urban city centre.

Inspired by his childhood and a desire to deliver the sparkle to others, Bhartiya City was born. Snehdeep and his world class team of architects and designers have taken the very best of the good times and made them better. This is a global city with the personality of a village, where the streets are buzzing with endless bursts of colour and character. They’re the kind of streets where children skip to school, without mum and dad. People stop to talk, because everyone knows everyone here. The modern world can be a cold place where people don’t communicate and strangers are just that, but Bhartiya City is bringing community back, and so are Nikoo Homes. This is modern day village life.

But what makes a community? It’s simple. A community is made up of a group of people who share the same story. Of course, they’re all different; tall, short, old, young- it doesn’t matter, because the people of Nikoo Homes in Bangalore have shared a vision for better quality of life all have a shared vision for a better quality of life. An atmosphere you can’t clone, Nikoo Homes II couldn’t be further away from your typical city apartment block, because your new family home in bangalore was designed with community in mind. It all comes so naturally.

Nikoo has given its residents the catalysts, the talking points, the sparks for conversation. The seeds have been planted and the tools for the job provided- Nikoo residents have everything they need to form a strong community. Take the vertical villages for example. Everything is connected, allowing residents to drift between towers at their leisure- there are no boundaries here. Community herb gardens line the rooftops, encouraging different generations and people from all backgrounds to come together, to talk and to share.  Elsewhere on the rooftops you’ll find a series of sunrise and sunset points. This is where you’ll witness the golden rays of the sun falling beyond the green of the horizon, and you’ll experience it with new friends. Nikoo’s design and execution of the many  wide-open social spaces nurtures both communication and social interaction. These are places that people want to be.

Don’t forget to take the elevator down just a few floors, because the vertical villages are where you’ll find your favourite social hangout; The Black Swan Club. It’s here that you’ll join in with a wide array of community activities. Home to a gym and a music studio, there are plenty of fun-filled classes happening on a daily basis. You’ll have no problem with making new friends and forming close knit networks. Besides, some things are better with a little company.

There’s parks with benches for sharing, rooftop bars for deep conversation, movie pods for laughter and swimming pools for splashing, but at the heart of the Nikoo community is Old Victoria- that’s your city ice cream truck. A common bond that people will share, we know everyone will love her. With regular community events like music festivals, cycle races and cinema screenings for adults and kids alike, we’re always looking for an excuse to bring people together.