Who Lives in a Nikoo Home?

7th January 2016

Studio Suite Windows at Nikoo Homes | Bhartiya City

The businessman lives in a Nikoo Home. He wakes up in the morning to a grand view of the city from his terrace, before he sits down to some breakfast. A start to the day that sharpens the mind, he enjoys the crispest fruit and the sweetest freshly squeeze orange juice you’ll find in this city. He took some time over the weekend to visit his local farmers’ market- a great choice. His commute is short, just five minutes, tops. He wanders through the greenery of the Pencil Park as he makes his way to work. He’s not even broken a sweat. He waves at his work colleagues as they zip by on bikes. It’s not uncommon, he’s got lots of friend in this community. His work colleagues are family men and they live on the other side of the city at Nikoo Homes I. Their homes are beautiful and they’re big enough to comfortably raise a family. They start their day in a similar way, except they trade the fresh fruit for flaky pastries and authentic Italian coffee. They pass through the high street on their way in- their morning pit stop makes perfect sense.

Living so close to work means they spend less time commuting and more time at home with their families. The kids are always happy to see dad when he walks through the door at night. The smell of culinary perfection wafts from the kitchen towards him. The kitchen also happens to be perfection, in design form. The kids love living in a Nikoo Home. They have the extra space for a games room and they adore the swimming pool- it’s right on their doorstep. It’s a paradise for them, growing up in an environment that cares for its people and with people that care about their environment. This is how it should be. They love the calming walk to school in the morning. They do it without mum, and not because she’s busy, it’s just what people in Bhartiya City do.

Mum spends her mornings down at the local gym, because yoga with her new friends is her favourite pastime. She enjoys the sense of community that life at Nikoo Homes has brought her. Now she has time to try new things. Last week she learnt to paint at the Nikoo Learning Centre, but not alone- Grandma was there. She lives just across the city at Nikoo Homes II. Learning to paint at 75 was a treat. Nikoo makes her feel young again, but not like her Granddaughter does. She lives in a Nikoo Home with her fiancé. It was their first home and it’s more than perfect. They’ve got the room to grow that they need, and more importantly, they’re prepared for Grandma’s impromptu visits. A study that doubles up as a spare room turned out to be a wise choice. They love their pet dog Rocky and he loves the parks. Bhartiya has green, green grass in every nook of the city- in fact there’s 300 green spaces. When they take him for his evening stroll, they explore new parts of the city and sometimes they’ll come across a surprise or two. This is a city that keeps on giving.

Their friends all love it too. Friday nights are spent on the 15th floor of the chic Black Swan Club enjoying zesty cocktails and some friendly chatter. The buzz of the restaurants and Bhartiya’s energetic nightlife keeps them on their toes.  It was a city made for one and all, so it seemed logical that Nikoo would make a home for everyone. Who lives in a Nikoo Home? You.