A home that’s built around you

We know what it is to be a young professional- your career is important, but so is your social life. If you want to conquer the world, you can’t do it alone. You’ll need a place to call home. Somewhere to work and play. A space versatile enough for you to share a drink with a friend, yet comfortable enough for an evening’s work. Business traveller? No matter how much globe-trotting your profession may bring, you’ll always need a base. For the young professional, the work-home balance can be hard to master. We think we can help.

Studio Suite Floorplan | Nikoo Homes II

Studio Suite

One Bed Floorplan | Nikoo Homes II

1 Bed

One Bed with Study Floorplan | Nikoo Homes II

1 Bed with Study

Meet Your Neighbours | Bengaluru | Nikoo Homes


Ways to Meet Your Neighbour

Whilst turning up on your new neighbour’s doorstep with cakes in hand may be an idea welcomed with open arms by some, it might cause some neighbours to run a mile. It’s never easy to tell, so here are some sure fire ways to meet your neighbour without looking incredibly weird.

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