Five Kitchen Trends for 2016

13th February 2016

Contemporary Furniture Nikoo Homes

Open-plan living

This year, it’s all about maximising spaces that people can really be part of. Open-plan living provides a multifunctional space that begins to integrate everyday living into one place.  What was once a place to cook and eat, is now a place to socialise, entertain and relax. A kitchen becomes a place of living and a living room becomes a place to bond over good food. The open set up allows the natural light to flood the room, creating the much sought after illusion of extra space. It’s the ultimate way to magic-up more space without knocking down walls and moving furniture. Nikoo homes are championing the trend as all our homes have the option of an open plan living area. It’s a trend that’s been on the brink for years, but for 2016 it’s really coming to the forefront.

Super Space-Saving Storage

Urban living requires us to do more with less these days. People are choosing smaller homes to save money and in turn they are finding new and innovative ways to create space. We’re experts in this field. Multi-functional furniture, just like in our Italian Furniture Collection, is a brilliant way to make more space in the home and to minimise clutter. Tables that extend, beds that turn into sofas and drawers within drawers within drawers; this sophisticated brand of furniture is the answer to many of the space-driven problems in the urban home. The minimalist design of space-saving furniture doesn’t mean style over substance or substance over style- it’s eye catching, modern and sleek. This is the best of both worlds and it doesn’t cost the earth either. In fact, you’re getting several pieces of furniture for the price of one.

White Kitchens

Contemporary and polished with the ability to create a clutter-free appearance- white kitchens look to be hot this year. A kitchen all in white creates the illusion of more space and the clean cut lines coupled with sheer simplicity give an elegant look that will remain timeless for many years to come. With white clashing with no colour under the sun, your kitchen is the queen of customisation. Consider a white kitchen as an empty canvas for you to add your signature style, your favourite colour schemes and your ideal furniture. Accents of neutral colour can be added for a subtle finish, but there are a whole host of more exciting ways to give your kitchen that modern-day dazzle.

Bright Kitchens and Neutral Palettes

Prediction number three and this top tip-off for 2016 go hand in hand. This year is all about adding splashes of brightly coloured assets to the kitchen. Accents of red can bring strong character to the kitchen, whilst yellow can deliver that summertime feeling all year round.  Bright appliances, furniture and tiling can inject life into a neutral palette without looking gaudy or cheap. This is the ultimate way to make a kitchen your own. And if you ever get tired of your chosen colour scheme, just remember that your timeless, white kitchen will always be there for you to accessorise around.

Technology in the Kitchen

Smart homes need smart furniture and not only that but smart assets. The 21st century has brought a whole new wave of technology, where smart phones have become indispensable and iPads a part of everyday life. Traditionally the kitchen was a place for cooking and cooking alone, but through advances in technology we’ve found new ways to enhance the cooking experience. For 2016, your home should have the latest gadgets and helping hands, such as iPad holders for easy to read instructions and digital cookers capable of remembering your favourite recipes. The latest appliances like Wi-Fi operated kettles and coffee machines have a place in the 21st century kitchen. They’re destined to enhance your lifestyle and to bring the wow factor to your cooking.