Nikoo started with a dream

Born of one man’s vision, Nikoo Homes was created to offer people a better, happier life. This is a place where community, culture, family, learning and wellness go hand in hand. The five pillars of our community- we wear them like tattoos. We’ve taken the land, a team of the world’s brightest designers and architects and created a little slice of urban perfection with a rural heart.  Nikoo Homes II has a home for everyone; this is urban living as it should be.

Breathe in that fresh air. Chat with your new neighbour. We’ve taken the best of the good times and made them better for you. Thousands of people will either live in or pass through this city every day. From the first-rate shopping districts to the world-class hospital. We’ve planned every inch with care and precision.

"Design-based thinking is at the core of Bhartiya. It's how we aim to create a better life."

Snehdeep Aggarwal, Founder

A game-changer for homes

There was a time when a home was built around a person’s needs. Not yours. We took that theory and turned it on its head, because at Nikoo homes, all of your needs are already taken care of.  Furniture that seamlessly folds away. A home in walking distance of the neighbourhood office.

Gyms and movie pods at your fingertips. We’ve thought of it all. It’s all just a footstep or a touch and a swipe away. Your Nikoo home is built around you and focuses on exactly what you want.  Adaptable and diversely different. It’s all about you and your family’s needs.

Let’s get started.


Intelligent design.

A well-designed home is the foundation for a happy lifestyle. We work hard to plan spaces that really work for your needs.

Contemporary Furniture Nikoo Homes

"The design of Nikoo Homes provides the opportunity for various age groups to interact and live happily together."

Wong Chiuman, Architect

Extra Studio options at Nikoo Homes


Flexible spaces.

Every family is unique and your home is as individual as you are. Nikoo homes allow you to create a home that is perfect for your family.

Home, just how you like it

For those of you wanting something more from space, we’ve got a solution. In fact, we’ve got more solutions than you can imagine. Once you’ve chosen your new home, it’s time to start customising it. We’ve got handcrafted furniture all the way from Italy. Leather or wood, charcoal grey or a striking yellow – it’s time to take your pick.

For those who need a helping hand, we’ve got packages you could opt for.  A space to make your own, it’s up to you how you fill it.

Doesn’t a Nikoo home seem like the natural choice?


Inclusive community

Four walls doesn’t make a home. Nikoo homes are all inclusive communities. It’s somewhere to live, work and play. All moments from your doorstep.



Quality urban living.

We’ve set a gold standard for contemporary urban housing. Every inch of Nikoo Homes has been meticulously planned to enhance your living experience.

Our dream is your reality.

We share your vision for a better quality of life. The dream is becoming a reality as we speak.