Amenities for a happy life

Whatever you need for a happy, healthy life, we’ve got it covered. Nikoo homes II lies at the very of heart of Bhartiya City and you’ll find everything you need in walking distance of your home. Enjoy the crisp, fresh air from the heights of the jogging track, situated on the 33rd floor. Spend an evening getting creative in the Arts & Crafts studio followed by an alfresco dinner beneath the stars at your Black Swan Club. And don’t forget to catch the latest slice of culture down at the Theatre in the Woods. With all of these amenities on your doorstep and the buzz of Bhartiya City centre just a 5 minute walk away, life in a Nikoo home is always convenient.

  1. Amphitheatre
  2. Arts & Craft Studio
  3. Barbeque Pit
  4. Boardwalk
  5. Business Center
  6. Coffee Lounge
  7. Cycling Track
  8. Dance Studio
  9. Demo Kitchen
  1. Early Learning Center
  2. Event Space
  3. Guest Accomodations
  4. Gym
  5. Help Desk
  6. Indoor Games Rooms
  7. Indoor Squash & Badminton Court
  8. Jogging/ Strolling
  9. Kids Club


  1. Kids Play Area
  2. Laundry
  3. Lobby Gardens
  4. Movie Pods
  5. Restaurants
  6. Spa
  7. Swimming Pool
  8. Tennis Court


Italian Kitchens

At the heart of every home is the kitchen. It’s a magical place, where age old family recipes are passed down, recreated and served. Enjoy the aroma of your family’s favourite dish as it weaves its way through the home, filling each person it passes with joy. It’s something we use every day, so it’s important that your kitchen is both as authentic and flawless as your cooking.

Every Nikoo home comes with a lovingly handcrafted Italian kitchen, as standard. Made with the finest woods and constructed by magical hands, your kitchen is as beautiful as it is useful. Enjoy draws and cupboards that shut effortlessly and storage you didn’t know you had. There’s so much space. It looks good, it feels good. Elegance and quality has arrived all the way from Italy. This is the kind of kitchen that can make a home.


Multifunctional furniture

With a home as unique as yours, you’ll need furniture with a level of pizzazz to match. We scoured the earth for furniture that spoke to us. Furniture that was intelligent. Furniture with an edge. And we discovered that nobody does it quite like the Italians.

They understand contemporary living in the urban home. Imagine a dining room table that extends when you need it. A bed that becomes a study table and a study table that becomes a bed.  You’ll see how this multifunctional furniture can help you to make the most of your home. This is furniture that just keeps on surprising. All you have to do is opt for it.


Our Vertical Villages

There was a time when a village was more than just a place to live. It was a place where everybody knew everybody. Neighbours would exchange stories, recipes and tips. The produce was as fresh as the air. Everyone was part of something bigger. Well, those days are back again. We’ve taken a village, and turned it on its side. This is a vertical village. 33 floors of village life means 33 floors of friends, conversation, happiness and community.

Don’t forget to water the vegetables in the community herb garden, before you head up to the sunset point for the last of the day’s sun. Your village café and restaurants all provide the perfect ambience for gatherings amongst new friends. This is village life, for modern times. Just hit 33 when you enter the elevator.


The Sky Parks

Bhartiya City was made with innovation from the ground up, and at Nikoo homes II, it runs all the way to the very top. On the 33rd floor you’ll find your Sky Park. Take the laughter and vibrancy found on the streets below, directly to the streets above. Enjoy your morning jog with a view, or an afternoon mastering the art of modern cuisine in your demo kitchen. Sample the delights of the fruity gelato stand and the zesty juice bar- they’re bound to be summertime hits.

Your weekly farmers’ market is sure to bring happiness to those at home, when you return to your Nikoo kitchen with the freshest produce that money can buy. The Sky Park was made for relaxing too. Watch the sun go up. Watch the sun go down. After all, who said that a park should be built on the ground?


Technology for effortless living

At Bhartiya City, technology isn’t a luxury, it’s a way of life. It might not be visible to the eye, but technology is seamlessly integrated everywhere. Look up. There’s more to those lamp posts than meets the eye. They’re one third CCTV, one third a Wi-Fi hotspot and of course, one third a lamp post. Look down, what’s that in your hands? That’s our App. Use it however you like, because the Nikoo App does it all. Order your groceries, your laundry, a plumber, a cleaner- all with a touch and a swipe.

Breathe in the air. It’s as fresh as can be thanks to our clever ventilation systems. A smart city, full of smart people is sure to need smart technology. That’s logic. And you’ll never need to worry what it’s like to be without. We’ve got a dedicated team at our central command centre making sure that the best in modern technology is delivered to you without a glitch, 24/7.