The multitasking room

You’ve bought yourself a new home, now here comes the tricky part. How do you fill it? Choosing the right furniture for the home is an age old predicament. What looks good? What feels good? Where should I put it? Well, you needn’t worry, because you bought a Nikoo home and the Nikoo Furniture Collection was expertly designed to make this part easy for you. In fact, decking out a Nikoo home can be fun. We’ve collaborated with our friends over in Italy to bring you an exclusive collection of stunning, authentically handcrafted Italian furniture, with an Indian price tag. If you think that a piece of furniture has just one job to do, then think again.

An intelligently designed home, in a city of pioneering excellence- we’d never bring the norm to Nikoo. Instead we’ve brought quality and innovation. We want you to get the most out of your home, so we tracked down furniture that can be used as many different things, by as many different people. Meet our collection of transforming furniture. It’s furniture that brings a room to life. It’s furniture that speaks to you and sometimes, it even lets you participate and interact with it. It extends, retracts, opens, closes and even transforms. Now a dining room can become a study and a study a bedroom. We’ve got flexibility in all the right places. Make your home your own.

The Nikoo Interiors team is happy to bring the finest furniture solutions to you Nikoo home incase you have made up your mind.

Nikoo Interiors for Nikoo Homes