Handover Begins!

4th July 2017

Handover Begins

The handover of Nikoo 1 began in March 2017.  It’s as if we took billions of these fluffy balls of smilies and crammed them into homes and then in little boxes we put in the keys to these homes and presented them to the new home owners just to watch the expressions on their faces when they opened the doors. We know how a special a moment it is to receive the keys to our new home. Our new home which is full of dreams, hope and a vision of new life. In the four long years that we took to conjure up a Nikoo home, we discovered scores of truths that pertain to human happiness and better living. Two of them, we’d like to share.Everyone speaks of the tangibles, very few are sensitive to the intangibles. Cinema Pods, Italian Kitchens and pools. Who can deny the joys they bring along with them? But equally vital to the happiness quotient of a place are the intangibles that it can offer you. Coziness, elation, nostalgia, serenity, the comfort of having a neighbour you can approach in an emergency, for which there’s no word. These emotions are what people really seek.

Design can help us bring you these emotions. That’s the second truth. The how of it has been an obsession for each one of us. As a result our kitchens, you’ll see, are kitchens where you’ll enjoy cooking. Our balconies are large enough for a family of four to come together and enjoy a meal in the wonderful weather of Bengaluru. You might want to spend an evening just soaking in the sun at our bay windows. Neighbours here might move in as strangers, but our little pocket gardens on every floor will ensure they won’t remain strangers for long. No matter what your age, or where your passions may lie, it has been thought about and made space for in the Nikoo blueprint. Its not the BHK that matters; its the intangibles.

Since our launch, we have received a great amount of appreciation, trust and faith from our customers. It has taken the efforts of thousands of people from Nikoo team to bring these homes to reality. Being able to handover and see happy faces is a great milestone for the brand.  Its overwhelming to see that first citizens of Nikoo have already started living there. Nikoo 1 was our first project and the aspirations were quite high. We are happy and proud that we did it.

P.S: We were there just in time to click a few Happy Nikoo Faces.