Keeping the Kids Occupied This Summer

16th July 2016

Nikoo Homes | Family Life

Keeping the kids entertained during those long summer vacations can be tricky, but what they do provide is a great opportunity for them to try new things and unearth their hidden talents.

Whether they’re the next Van Gogh or they’re destined to captain the school cricket team and just don’t know it yet, we’ve put together a list of some of the best ways to keep the kids occupied this summer in Bangalore.

Snap up some IT skills

computer-767781_1920These days, if you can’t switch on a computer you could easily confused with a dweller from the dark ages who somehow found their way into the twenty first century. Most of us work with computers on a daily basis and having that little bit of extra knowledge can often put us ahead in our career. Helping kids learn how to edit their favourite photos or how to code and create their own website are both invaluable skills that will benefit them in the future. It never hurts to learn a little bit about internet safety too. Let the kids brush up on their IT skills this summer and you’ll be helping them to get ahead of the rest. Contrary to popular belief- it’s not just for nerds.

Move Your Feet

Not all of us have feet capable of rhythm, coordination and elegance, and kids can be shy when it comes to dance. Taking up a new hobby is all about unearthing those hidden talents, and suggesting they give what they thought were two left feet a run on the dancefloor might be the best thing you ever did for them. Whilst traditional Bharatanatyam might seem like the obvious choice, there are a number of fresh dance styles out there to be tried and tested. Hip-hop and street dancing are popular amongst the younger generations as they have an expressive, unique and contemporary edge.

Turn them into your little helper in the kitchen

pizza-1013631_1920You may be the head chef in the kitchen, but get the kids interested in cooking from an early age and your Nikoo kitchen will become a hub of inviting smells and extraordinary tastes cooked by the entire family before you know it. Although they won’t be making Michelin starred meals and exotic French delicacies, they’ll love crafting kid-friendly snacks and treats during a fun and creative introduction to the kitchen this summer.

Learn the guitar

guitar-445387_1920Picking up a guitar doesn’t necessarily mean your son or daughter is destined for a life of rock stardom, crowd surfing and screaming fans as here in India, the guitar is actually one of the most popular instruments to learn. What it does mean is acquiring a new talent that’s cooler than snow and is guaranteed to impress any circle of friends. Learning an instrument not only fosters creativity, but it builds up confidence and improves the memory.



Unleash their creative side this summer by handing them a paintbrush and sending them along the path to becoming the next Picasso. Painting is an extremely relaxing activity and with its time-consuming nature, it’s music to the ears of parents the world over who wonder what to do with the kids throughout vacation time. Painting provides a heightened sense of perception and helps young children learn how to translate their ideas into pictures and express themselves through drawing.

Stay traditional


We’re all familiar with the billiards meets shuffleboard persona of carrom, the traditional Indian-born game. Joining a carrom club is a great way to spend the later part of the summer vacation indoors when the weather starts to turn. Cafes and clubs hold tournaments throughout the summer months and are friendly and relaxed environments in which to make new friends. Invented by the Indian Maharajas and played from the early 19th century onwards, this traditional hobby is one that should be carried forth into the future generations- so grab a disk and let’s get pocketing.