The World’s Most Exclusive Clubhouses

11th June 2016

Clubhouse Door

At the heart of every great community lies a place to meet, dine, chat, explore, exercise and relax. At Nikoo Homes II, this comes in the form of The Black Swan Clubhouse. With a gym, library, infinity pool, restaurant and event spaces all at hand, we think that your clubhouse is up there with the finest. The best part is, you’re a full-fledged member from day one. Unfortunately, other clubhouses we’ve come across don’t share our community spirit in quite the same way. Here are some of the world’s most exclusive clubhouses that even the rich and famous might struggle to blag their way into.

Oasis Clubhouse, Buenos Aires

Over in the vibrant and swanky Palermo Soho, Argentina, there is a clubhouse so exclusive that it has no public address. Only those who book into one of the three rooms will be handed the full location and granted access through the unmarked door. The clubhouse’s mysterious exterior is all part of the allure and just like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we all want know what goes inside. All we know is that once you’re in, partying is the number one priority- although contrary to this, opera singers have been known to perform poetry by the poolside at night and original work from Andy Warhol hangs from the walls; there’s two sides to this clubhouse. With fairy lights around the pool, a billiards table to enjoy and a private bar at hand, rumour has it that the Oasis Clubhouse is a bold and exciting place to be. This is a social hangout that most of us can only dream of attending.

Wentworth house, UK

The 19th century built Wentworth House in the UK is set amongst lush greenery amid London’s most expensive estate, yet as beautiful as it may be, it has raised a few eyebrows of late. This is the longest country house in Europe, so you wouldn’t be alone in thinking that there’s probably enough space inside for everyone to enjoy the club’s benefits. Wrong. Those in charge recently decided that it wasn’t exclusive enough and in an attempt to become even more exclusive, they are culling member numbers from 3,000 to 800. The club kindly let their current members know that unless they pay £100,000 to rejoin, their memberships will be terminated, assuming they pass a mystery test conducted by the unnamed membership board of course. Now that’s exclusive.

The President’s Club, USA

The doors of the Four Storey clubhouse opposite the White House are only open to those who’ve held presidential status in the USA at some point, which rules out most of us. George Bush Junior and Senior, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter are the only men to have experienced the privilege of stepping inside to stay the night, along with their partners. The interior is very traditional and not too flashy, paying homage to presidents gone by with paintings and photographs hung on the walls. All in all, it’s a modest affair and if you want to experience it for yourself, all you have to do is get elected as the next US president.

Silencio, France

Welcome to the world’s only clubhouse to be designed by the renowned David Lynch. Surprisingly what’s on offer isn’t as off-the-wall as some of his work, Silencio instead acts as a hub for culture vultures and art lovers out there to meet and mingle. To gain access to the club, you’ll need a nomination from a current member and to have made a significant contribution to the field. The club houses everything an arts buff could ever need, from a private 24-seat cinema to a gallery to explore. This is a meeting of the world’s finest creative minds and it’s done in great style.