Ways to Meet Your Neighbour

9th March 2016

Bite to eat for two at Nikoo Homes

So you’ve just moved in to your new Nikoo Home. The furniture is in place, the fridge is stocked, you’ve even settled the house plant into its new pot. Now the time has come to kick things off on the right foot with the neighbour. Whilst turning up on your new neighbour’s doorstep with cakes in hand may be an idea welcomed with open arms by some, it may cause some neighbours to run a mile. That being said, it’s never easy to tell, so here are some sure fire ways to meet your neighbour without looking incredibly weird.

Host a housewarming party

You now live in close proximity to somebody you’ve never met before, so singling out this one person and inviting them to your home could be perceived as a little forward. There’s a solution to the problem. Simply find a way to meet everyone in your apartment block or on your floor all at once, because there’s always safety in numbers. Host a suave cocktail party or a casual get together with nibbles. It’s the perfect way to break the ice and to get everyone chatting in a relaxed environment. Your street cred with the neighbours will sky rocket, as you’re dubbed as the neighbourhood’s cool, calm socialite. It’s confirmed, you are a legend.

Get involved in community activities

Whether there’s an event happening down on Celebration Square or you want to get involved with the herb gardens, there’s an abundance of community activities for you to enjoy at Bhartiya City. Joining in with community activities shows that you’re willing to go out of your way to meet new people. It also shows that you care about your city. These are the kind of like minded people that you want to be hanging around with. It’s a great way to meet your neighbours in a neutral environment, where all the pressure simply melts away. You’ll also get to know the ins and outs of your city- who knows where it will take you and who you’ll meet along the way.


Join a club or team

While most people join a club or a team with a view to keeping fit or to spend more time outside the house, this could be where you meet your next best friend. By joining a club or team, you’ll spend lots of time with the same group of likeminded people and you can really get to know them on a friendship level. Whether you have a love for cricket or a passion for cooking, you’ll be sharing your common bond. Out and about in places like gyms, sports clubs, music clubs and the Learning Centre are the ideal spots to meet and get to know your neighbours.

Do you need any help over there?

An honest, genuine, approach- this is the oldest trick in the book. Simply knocking on your neighbour’s door to ask if they need help with the move is a fantastic way to show them that you are going to be the best neighbour of all time, from the very beginning. Even if they say no, you’ve broken the ice. And if they say yes, then you’ve got a reason to share an ice cold drink when it’s all done and dusted.


Can I borrow your….

This one teeters on the brink of being somewhat sneaky. Sure, you may not need that bag of rice, but they’re not to know. This is your opening. Your way in. Just head on over, straight faced and tell them that despite the fact you moved in yesterday, you have indeed run out of rice. They’ll more than likely see straight through you, but will appreciate the friendly gesture. It’s a way to get the dialogue flowing without the random knock on the door coupled with awkward introductions.