Introducing Nikoo Interiors

3rd November 2015

Introducing Nikoo Interiors | Nikoo Homes Furniture Packs

Nikoo Interiors is set to arrive this March and with it comes style, innovation and a whole host of surprises in the form of our game-changing furniture solutions. A good piece of furniture makes a room, but a great piece of furniture can make a home. Each and every piece of the  Nikoo Interiors collection was designed to be both bold enough and individual enough to stand on its own, but at the core of every piece is purpose. Founder & Creative Director, Parushni Aggarwal Gupta, says that “interior design is important and it goes beyond decoration of the home. Whether you’re a toddler or a grandparent, each of our furniture solutions is designed with the person living in the space in mind. Our unique collection of multifunctional furniture can be used by many people, in many different ways, in as many different spaces.”

Designed and manufactured  by the best in the industry; our friends over in Italy are hand-crafting contemporary, yet space-saving tables, chairs, beds, sofas, storage units and furnishing accessories day in and day out that we know you’ll love. Using the finest, locally sourced materials, the team do it with care, passion and creativity. Nikoo Interiors brings you high quality furniture solutions, with an Indian price tag.

For those of you who need a little inspiration, we’ve handpicked our favourite pieces, conducted a little match making and assembled them into 3 convenient sets. We’d like to introduce the Pure, Chic and Evolution collections. We’ve mixed contemporary with functional, sleek with chic. All are elegant, but none cost the earth. And if don’t fall in love with the whole set, just pick and mix.

Visit the brand new Nikoo Interiors website this March and find out how you can welcome a slice of Italy into your home.